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Wise Crackers Comedy Fundraisers

Wise Crackers is proud to announce
that we have raised over $1,000,000
over the past 12 years for our various charities!

Wise Crackers Comedy can arrange your "FUN" fundraiser
at one of our locations or the facility of your choice.

We can accommodate any budget as well as any size group to assure you make a profit while having the time of your life! We want to see you laughing "all the way to the bank"!

You can choose from hundreds of comedians and thousands of combinations of comedians.

Test how our system works by selling small blocks of (20 to 50) tickets to our regularly scheduled shows. Your organization will make a profit and you will be able to judge the ease of selling tickets. From there you can arrange a full-blown fundraiser that could potentially raise thousands of dollars!

Here are a couple of scenarios that spell out different types of fundraisers you can organize.

Scott Bruce
Scott Bruce

Sell 20 to 50 tickets to a regularly scheduled show (based on availability) and you get $2/ ticket sold. Sell 51 to 80 tickets and you get $3/ ticket. Sell 80 or more tickets and you get $4/ ticket. One hundred tickets sold nets your fundraiser $400.

Jimmy Carroll
Jimmy Carroll
If your group is in a position to sell 100 or more tickets you are in a position to plan your own private show. Remember that we can arrange a show in any price range, but keep in mind that the quality of the comedians greatly affect the quality of the show. You know the old saying, you get what you pay for. Other factors that affect costs are the day of the week, the season, and the location of the show. It is for these reasons that we have created guidelines for a generic show to use as an example.

A typical stand-up comedy show consists of three acts. A headliner, a feature and an MC. This type of show usually runs from an hour and a half to an hour and forty-five minutes with a price tag of approximately $1200. While this figure is flexible it is important to remember that the better the quality of the show, the better chance of success entertaining your audience and thus more successful repeat fundraising events.
Mike Eagan
Mike Eagan

Mike Stankiewicz
Mike Stankiewicz

The key to a successful fundraiser is how to get the tickets sold. As an example let's take a volunteer fire company, rescue squad, Lion's Club, VFW or little league that has a pool of 40 to 50 adults involved in their group. If you ask each member to sell at least four tickets and they average anything close to that number you would have sold 160 to 200 tickets.

The average ticket price for this type of show is approximately $20 (completely at your discretion). 200 X $20 is $4000. Subtract the cost of the show ($1200) and your organization will net $2800. Using this example you need only sell 80 tickets to break even. So if your group only sells 120 tickets you would still net $600.

This is why it is so important to provide a quality show. If your audience has a terrific time, word of mouth will make your next event even more successful opening the door to much larger profits for you. If you have a venue that can seat four or five hundred people and a motivated sales staff, the sky is the limit on your profits.

Wise Crackers will provide you with the tickets, paperwork, flyers and advice you need to make this the most fun and profitable fundraiser you have ever had!

Wise Crackers Comedy has provided fundraisers for these and many other fine organizations throughout Pennsylvania!

Sonya King

Abington Heights Civic League
American Red Cross
American Legion Centre Hall
AC Girls Basketball Team
Blue Ridge Basketball Club
Boalsburg Fire Hall
Carbondale Chargerettes
Centre Bulldogs Youth Football
Coaldale Revitalization Project
Corner Bistro Theatre Project
Dana Street Elementary School
Dana Street PTO
Domestic Violence Service Center
Dream Come True
Dress For Success
Electric Chargers
Friendship House
G.A.R. Soccer
Hanover Lions
Hyde Park Lodge #339
Keystone Cheerleaders
Keystone College
Kiss Theatre
Lackawanna Lighting
Lake Harmony Rescue Squad
Leadership Carbon
Liederkranz Multiple Sclerosis
Loch Haven University Alumni
Luzerne County Democrats
Luzerne County Community College Alumni
March Of Dimes
Mayfield PTA
Meyers Basketball
Moosic Redwings
MTF Lisa Nehme
North East Stars Softball
North Wilkes-Barre Little League
Nunes Benfit
OGS Parents Night Out
Olyphant Girls Softball
OOPS Dance Group
Pocono Township Fire Co.
Quality Playground
Riverside Girls Basketball
Rolling Thunder
Scranton Jaycees
Sherwood Park Youth Group
Sate Street Elementary
Trios Restaurant
United Rehab Services
Wilkes-Barre Jaycees
Wilkes-Barre YMCA

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