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Stephanie Peters
Stephanie Peters

Comedy Diva, Stephanie Peters, grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts, idolizing local funnyman Lenny Clarke and his buddies Jay Leno, Denis Leary and Steven Wright, who honed their standup chops at the now-famous Ding Ho. Now, she's appearing on the same bill.

In just one year, Stephanie skyrocketed from playing tiny clubs in Boston's suburbs to strutting her own brand of bawdiness in Leary's "Comics Come Home" benefit, where she shared the limelight with Clarke, Wright and Jay Mohr.

Most recently, Stephanie not only starred in the Newport Comedy Festival but also appeared on BET's Comic View at the Orpheum Theatre in New Orleans as one of its top new comedians or New Jacks. Stephanie and her husband Jeff The Chef have created holiday food segments for FOX25 News where they can be seen combining Jeff's talent and knowledge of food with Stephanie's design esthetic and quick-wit to make one of the most entertaining and funniest husband and wife television teams since Ricky and Lucy.

Stephanie's "larger than life" stage presence and out of the ordinary looks" have also landed her many print ads and TV commercials, other television appearances include Bob Zany's Comedy Spotlight, Access Hollywood with Pauly Shore, the Newport Comedy Festival on Fox, Who's Hot on 56 and Chronicle's Best of Boston. She's also no stranger to newspaper readers. She's regularly featured in the Boston Herald and has been profiled in the Boston Globe as "one of this town's must-see." Stephanie Peters is now a headliner and can be seen in comedy clubs across the U.S.