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Raymond the Amish Comic
Raymond the Amish Comic

Raymond the Amish Comic
The First and (Only) Amish Stand-Up Comedian in the world. With 27 years of show business experience.

Raymond The Amish Comic is a High-Energy Ranting-Storyteller. Fans and club owners have called him an Amish Robin Williams.

A comedian for the people! A fast-fun therapy session! You'll be pointing at your friends and saying "He’s talking about You! Busted!"

Raymond’s rants on technology have become legendary. Everything from Facebook to shoveling snow, school closings, pumping our own gas, pet sitting for your friends, living with vegetarians, football fanatics, politics, current events, Netflix and scanning your own groceries. Raymond the Amish Comic is a one-hour session with your shrink!

And yes, you may get some good old-fashioned Amish rants on the Horse and Buggy, Rumspringa and the Amish Mafia!

He's appeared on Season 5 of America's Got Talent. Was part of the workshop for the Gong Show Live Off-Broadway production. Appeared on stage with Ian Anderson as part of the 'Rubbing Elbows with Ian Anderson Tour' Raymond's done a few TV commercials and is a regular guest on radio station WZZO 95.1fm with The Bearman and Keith in the Lehigh Valley.

Other appearances include MTV, the Opie and Anthony Show on Sirius XM radio, The Film 'For Richer or Poorer'

Not an Amish for the tourists. Rated R!