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Mike Stankiewicz
Mike Stankiewicz

Mike Stankiewicz

Dig, itʼs appropriate that this cat has gigged
in nearly every comedy venue in the
United States. At home in an eclectic gathering
in San Francisco or a rust belt bar come
shifts end, this clever comic will turn the tables
on everyone. Winner of the prestigious”Best of Philly”
award presented by Philadelphia Magazine, Stank takes you down a road you didnʼt expect to travel with a
conversational style that makes you feel like youʼre
riding the bar stool next to him. Among his
international television appearances includin
“Comedy On The Road” with John Byner on A&E, Mike
presents a special wit that transcends all mediums and
blows his audiences away! Maybe thatʼs why everyone
wants him back.

Originally from Erie, PA where Mike realized playing second base on the Duck Inn softball team would not propel him to the “Big League”. He moved to Philadelphia to cut his teeth doing stand-up. With his rust belt influence, his intellectual proclivity and a blue-collar approach to humor, he turned Philadelphia on its ear. Stank does for stand-up what Tom Waits does for music. So if you like Mr. Waits and have a penchant for Charles Bukowski, youʼll love Mike Stankiewicz!
An interesting aspect to Mikeʼs career is that he has lived on both coasts (LA and NY) and fits seamlessly in both locations as well as everywhere in between.
Now Stank plies his wares everywhere from Las Vegas to Atlantic City, from Mobile to Montana. Heʼs a modern day Kerouac, hell, you probably passed him “on the road”!