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Dan wilson
Dan Wilson

Dan Wilson

Exactly one year to the day that Dan quit college for a career in show business, he was building cars on an assembly line! After welding the EXACT same spot on 499,207 cars, he lost his mind, making him a perfect candidate for the world of stand-up comedy.

Dan Wilson is one of those breezy, gentle types that will hit you like a building collapsing. A naturally funny man, Wilson can rip through an inspired set that somehow connects Rudy Vallee-style rapping, midget-wrestling, plane flight annoyances, Barney Fife, and a visit to the dentist. A tremendous amount of his material is potently funny, a sucker punch that you don't expect from an innocent smile and an average Joe, but Wilson is one of the great "class clowns" in the business. This is good-time, clean, and inoffensive comedy. With a steady flow of laughs, Wilson uncorks some hysterical tomfoolery. He is the type of stand-up that reminds you of those summer nights when you were a kid and your best friend got you giddy and made you laugh for so long that it hurt. His quirky style mixes keen observations with outrageous physical humor, all delivered in a genial "I'm-only-trying-to-fix-the-world-before-it's-too-late" deadpan. Dan Wilson is a mischievous and likeable bloke that is funny whether he's pausing to look at you or working with sound effects. This light-hearted lunatic is off and running from the second he hits the stage as he is just a fun guy to be around. Dan Wilson would get solid marks in everything from his material to his timing to his stage persona.

Long a favorite on the college and club circuits, Dan has had a string of television appearances on MTV, A&E, HBO, ESPN and Lifetime. His rubbery face and keen ear for voices earned him status as a recurring sketch performer on HBO's "Hardcore TV." He's one of those acts that would crack up a firehouse as easily as an Elk's lodge, a bachelor party, a PTA bake sale, a corporate meeting and a little league fundraiser. Dan has appeared at showrooms in Las Vegas, Atlantic City & Reno, as well as the North Fork Theater at Westbury. He continues to headline Comedy Clubs nationwide as well as entertaining many families aboard Royal Caribbean Cruises.